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Hand Quilting

Learn the basics of the fine craft of hand quilting. In this 3-hour class you'll learn about thread, thimble and needle selection as well as how to make the quilters knot, bury the knot, mark the design and of course the quilting stitch.

Free Motion Machine Quilting - Vines and Leaves

In this 3-hour class you will learn how to free motion machine quilt vines and leaves. These designs flow beautifully in borders and sashing.

Free Motion Machine Quilting Scrolls and Feathering

This 3- hour class will introduce simple feathering and scrolls.

May 25
Borders, Batting and Backing
May 28
Got Scraps?
Jun 1
Introduction to Free Motion Machine Quilting

Contact Info
Ph: (254) 829-7119
131 Halbert Ln. Waco, TX 76705
Monday - Saturday:
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Sunday: closed